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Benefits Of Pressure Washing Before Exterior Painting

If you’re planning to get your Chattanooga area house painted, you’ll want the project to turn out right. After all, there should be no issues later with how well the exterior paint stands up to the weather for many seasons to come. Pressure washing before exterior painting is an important way to get the results and benefits you want.

As a Chattanooga painting contractor, we know that proper surface preparation is key. When the pressure washing is done first, the surface is clean and ready to receive the paint, and you’ll enjoy many different benefits.

You Get The Long Lasting Results You Expect

Pressure washing the exterior before painting will remove the grime from the building and prepare the surface to receive the paint. If the proper surface preparations are done, you’ll enjoy beautiful curb appeal that lasts.

When a surface isn’t clean before it’s painted, the paint will have difficulty with adhering to the surface. Sooner or later, moisture will start to get in behind the paint. Then, the paint can start to peel, blister, or bubble, all of which are bad news for a homeowner.

It’s truly unfortunate when a homeowner gets their house painted by a professional but doesn’t get the long-lasting results they expected. The only recourse is to get the work completely redone, along with any repairs necessary to fix rotting wood or other water damages cause by a poor quality paint job.

Smooth Surfaces With No Paint Bubbling, Blistering, or Peeling Problems Later

It’s an investment in your home’s value to get your house painted, so you’ll expect to see quality results that last for at least the amount of time the paint is warranted for. If you’re getting the exterior painted and the pressure washing is done first, you should have a beautiful smooth surface with no paint bubbling, peeling, or blistering caused by the paint not adhering correctly.

No Interior Water Damage To Repair

When pressure washing is done before the painting, the paint and any caulking material used has the best chance to adhere to the surface. All moisture will be blocked so that it can’t seep into the wall areas, floor area, or other areas.

Nobody wants to deal with interior water damage simply because the exterior paint didn’t adhere to the surface well. It’s extremely frustrating for a homeowner to face redoing the paint job because the painter didn’t bother to suggest cleaning the surface first.

Exterior Wood Stays Sealed & Protected

One of the most significant benefits of exterior painting is to protect and seal the wooden surfaces. If it’s not protected and sealed, then the building materials of your house can be exposed to rainwater and moisture. By pressure washing first, the paint will adhere as it should.

Wood can last for decades longer if moisture is never allowed to seep in and cause damage. By pressure washing the surface first, you’re ensuring that the paint adheres as it should and that there won’t be any wood rot to repair for as long as the exterior paint stays in good shape.

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